A combination of acupressure and massage, reflexology is an ancient technique that identifies zones in the feet, hands and ears that are connected to body parts and organs.

Reflexology postulates that these zones are a microcosm or map of the whole body. Stimulating these zones can have a healing effect on the whole body, as they connect energy pathways that travel through the body to particular organs, structures and glands.

Metamorphic Technique (release of pre-natal patterns) also available
Stress may be difficult to avoid, but Reflexology is a perfect way to diffuse our daily anxieties.

Mini Pick-Me-Ups
Bring some fresh energy & joy into your day with a short mini pick-me-up. Choose the one most appealing now:

  • Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage – massaging these areas not only feels good, but is also healing & uplifting.
  • Reflexology – massaging the feet & hands feels well, while also stimulates the connecting energy system to improve health in an enjoyable and effective manner.